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Media/celebrity – Think!

Posted: January 27, 2006 in Uncategorized
People in the media think they speak for everyone when they pry into the lives of people they have made celebrities. Only the other night Divina McCall said to Dennis Rodman that British people find it hard to understand him and are threatened by his mannerisms but not everyone see him as threatening just the small minority that do not mixed very much with people from other cultures!
Within the Big Brother house they were ask to undertake a task which required them to act like one of the other house mates. Chantelle said to Dennis that she does not know what he does, she can never understand him and proceeded to mimic black guys from rap videos. Why are there sill such stereotypes?
Also within the media over the past weeks, Sven-Goran Eriksson has been very big news. He has been given his last orders, take England to the World Cup then after that he will be paid of and his time as England manager will be over! All though his time as manager his name has been completely tarnish and the reasons are not very fair neither. One is he is the England manager and two he is foreign. Everyday you hear people complain that we need a English manger, but as history shows that is not ever the issue. Every England manager before Sven have been hounded by football journalists and they were English.
This is just my opinion and is not to cause for controversy, but is to be thought about! I long to work in the media but I do not want to stereotype or cause hurt to the lives of people who want to do things for England! Whether it is for entertainment value or to bring success to our Country, I would want to bring up the best, not dig up the worst in those who are contributing to our society!
As the years go on our Country will become more diverse and that is a good thing because they contribute to the fashion that changes so much more. But we do not seem to appreciate them or what they do for us, with small minded people we can never grow as people because we do not want to accept that their are people who are different, whether it is their colour of skin, their disability or their style. I enjoy meeting people who are different because they are interesting, they have experiences that make you look outside of the box and that is much more interesting that having to meet people who are just the same as the next following fashion and TV thinking thats the way to be somebody, but how interesting can you be when you are just like the person next to you?
As a Christian I have to be able to feel comfortable in my own skin or some of the scrutiny that I face I could not. I would be following the crowd, but I don’t follow anyone as even some Christians get it wrong and I do not fear them because I am strong and know myself and my God.
10 steps that I choose to live by are:
  • know where you fit in history
  • remember that God has plans for you
  • spend as much time making over who you are as you do what you look like
  • listen to God
  • listen to yourself
  • say sorry when you need to (and not when you want to)
  • tell God the bad and embarrasing
  • find friends who have beautiful insides
  • smile everyday!

I don’t expext you to do what I do or believe what I believe, but I do think that people should have their own lifestyles, their own reasons to believe in what they believe. Life is too short to live out someone elses life!

The media is not always right, sometimes people need to think for themselves.
“Don’t let other people think for you…Think for yourself!”

The Root of all Evil?

Posted: January 21, 2006 in Uncategorized

This has been playing on my mind for weeks, but I could not keep it to myself. On Monday 9th January on Channel 4 I watched a programme called ‘the Root of all Evil?’, the programme claimed that religion should be abolished because it caused good people to do evil things. As I watched the programme I was compelled to make notes just for my piece of mind and this now is my notes from that night.

As Christians they can be critical and objective, able to question God when they have doubts in their heart. When people talk of the Virgin Mary to the Catholics she is a higher being, but Pentacostal they believe that she died like any ordinary person as she did what God asked of her by giving birth to Jesus. She went on to have other children after Jesus because one of them became a disciple.

A preacher can not tell people what to do, people can only choose to obey God! God gave people free-will, so that they can make the choice themselves.

When Christians say that people in Africa should not use condoms it is not because they are trying to make the spread of AIDs worse, but because God promoted no sex before marriage and to have just one partner! But the way we are moving from partner to partner in one-night stands helps the spread of sexual disease.

“A son leaves his mother and father, takes his wife and they become ONE!”

I am very open to other beliefs, even evolution, but if people are going to question God’s existance then we can question evolution. When people dug up the bones of dinosaurs, how did they know that when they were assembling them they were doing it correctly? And also who’s not to say that the story of how God created the world was slightly over exaggerated they time scale and God did begin the World with dinosaurs! Also with evolution, I thought that something had to cease to exist, but monkeys still exist so how come we can not communitcate with them in the vocal way if they are our ancestors?

God is not interpreted by man, but by his words and believing the Bible is the choice of a person, as stated before people have free-will. Giving people free-will is God’s way of letting people make the choice of whether they will follow the Bible or science.

God never wanted people to commit murder just read the 10 Commandments:

1: Do not worship any other Gods besides me.

2: Do not make idols of any kind.

3: Do not take the name of the Lord your God in vain.

4: Keep the Sabbath day holy.

5: Honour your father and mother.

6: Do not murder.

7: Do not commit adultery.

8: Do not steal.

9: Do not lie.

10: Do not envy.

Those people who are fundamentalists are not the only religious people! Not all people who believe the words of God interpret them to say kill innocent people. Also God does not condone suicide, that it the path to Hell!!

Everyone has their interpretations of the Bible, but it is not fair that they all get classed as evil because that is just like chastising innocent people.