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Don’t understand!

Posted: February 26, 2006 in News and politics
I am so tired of all this racism that plagues this world!
In football they are trying to fight it, but then we look into politics and there they go allowing heavily racist party’s to put across their views and entice people to be a part of their right-wing views!
There was the BNP and now the N9S, why are “white” business types so threatened by “black/asian” people? We are not all here because we wanted to be!! There was such a period when there was slavery, do you truely believe that people would volunteer to be slaves when they were living a life of freedom in their own country??
It is not easy to live anywhere any more if you are not a certain complexion!
Watching spanish football has become so depressing as the supporters and some of the players chant and are racially abusive! Just yesterday watching the Barcelona v Real Zaragoza and part way through the match Samual Eto’o an African player was distraught and wanted to be substituted as he did not want to continue with all the racist chants and even a player was saying racist comments to him!! (I have become very nervous of ever travelling to spain!)
Then there was in Italy Paulo Di Canio who has prided himself on the nazi salute!
Then the British historian David Irving, claiming that the Holocaust had not happened! (Glad that he will be jailed!!) But I am so tired of having to be afraid because of the colour of my skin! I can not change that and never will. It is ok for “white” people to want to get a tan when they go on holiday, but if you are blessed with colour already then that is not beautiful or ok!!!????!!!! (I truely do not understand!!)
All that I can end with saying is:
“What doesn’t destroy you, makes you stronger.”

Football ‘injury’ weekend!

Posted: February 20, 2006 in Uncategorized
This weekend had been an exciting time for those who are followers of the FA Cup but it became high profile for the wrong reasons as Alan Smith of Manchester United was stretchered of the pitch after breaking his leg and dislocating his ankle. It has been the worst injury Alex Ferguson has seen!
And across the pond a similar injury occurred to Francesco Totti. He broke his fibia but unlike Smith, he has said that he will be undergoing physio by wednesday. This does seem fast as his injury was sustained on Sunday, but he has been given three months, whereas Smith has been given twelve months (six months rehabilitation programme).
Both are considered unlikely to appear in the World Cup, but the Italian coach Luciano Spalletti fears that Totti’s injury will knock his teams morale.
Luciano Spalletti made this statement:

“We must keep concentrate. We have good elements and a big group and we can go forward.

“Anyway my guys seem really motivated and they must give their best. We must do it also for Francesco.”

Smith has also had players and manger offer their support for him, one such player had only last year suffered a similar fate was Djibril Cisse, he knows all to well what lies ahead for Alan Smith. He had a few words with Alan to put him at ease.

“I wanted to say to him I know how he is feeling, and that everything will be okay for him, like it has been for me,” Cisse said.

“I just told him to be strong. It is hard, so hard for him at the moment, I have been through exactly this and it is difficult to cope with what is going through your head.

“I saw the break and it looked bad, but I am proof that he can recover well and get even stronger afterwards.

“When I saw him lying there on the pitch in agony, it brought back to me what happened. A year ago, I was recovering from a terrible break, and now I am playing again.

“I am sure Alan will do the same. The hardest part is when your team-mates are going out on the pitch, and you know that you cannot.

“That is so difficult, and it is when you have to be strong in your head.

“But Alan strikes me as that kind of person, someone who is tough and can deal with this. I told him that he will get through it.”

Both players are in all our thoughts as they get on the road to recovery!