Football Madness

Posted: February 11, 2006 in Uncategorized
Football is a beautiful game, but it is surrounded by controversy! Every time you look at the back pages of a newspaper, there is some kind of story that dominates. This year may be new but as the clock struck twelve midnight on January 1st 2006 the rumours began.
January was the opening of the transfer window where everything kicked of for journalist all around the country as managers fought long and hard for players they considered to be the next big player to take their team to the top of the table. One of the biggest stories was Theo Walcott, the young 16 year old with amazing skill and speed, was playing first team football with Southampton but went on to bigger and better things with Arsenal. He is still to make his first team debut but all we can do is wait as he is tipped top be a great asset to any team that got him, but he only had eyes to play along side the Man who entertains all inn the Premiership Thierry Henry!
Also controversal during the transfer window was Michael Owen, who was not getting many starts as he sat on the bench for Real Madrid. He was scoring winning goals for them, but they just were not satisfied as he had to make do with gaining appearances as a substitute! During the transfer window he granted the right to leave Real Madrid, but there was only one place that he wanted to go and that was back to Anfield home of the Reds (Liverpool). Rafa Benitez was not interested in purchasing the striker as he claimed to have already got enough as during the summer he had to sell one, in the form of Milan Baros who is now with Aston Villa. All the interest that Owen was getting was not what he wanted as he was adament to go back to the Kop. Graeme Souness’ Newcastle were going through a very bad patch as they struggled to get up to the top half of the Premiership table. Souness put in a bid for the striker and like a miracle he got himself  player he thought would bring his team out of trouble!
In the light of things Michael Owen was a dream signing for Newcastle but before Owen could make an impact he was out through injury and Souness’ troubles began to get extremely worse as Newcastle continued to lose matches and the only explanation that Sounesss could offer was that all his top players were out injured, but Newcastle supporters, the press and even Newcastle executive were not buying into that and as soon as the transfer window closed Graeme Souness was jobless as he was sacked as the Manager of Newcastle.
Chelsea as they sit at the top of the Premiership table were very quiet throughout the transfer window buying players but not really getting much media coverage, only when they made a challenge for Walcott, Diaby, Evra Manchester United’s new signing) and an allegation by Manchester United over Chelsea urging a player to break a potential contract deal with Man Utd.
Chelsea always seem to make a situation for themselve which does not reflect very highly on them as just as few day ago they were covering the back pages again. Arjan Robben, a great player but a better diver, as he came to blows with Liverpool keeper Jose Reina. During the 83rd minute of their match Liverool’s defence were beaten by Aidur Gudjohnson, leaving their keeper to face the front man alone. Doing whot any selfless keeper would do throws himself into a dangerous challenge on Gudjohnson at the sideline. As Reina runs back to his goal the whistle is blown and the referee is almost certainly going to book him, so taking his punishment Reina proceeds to the ref passing Robben who takes it upon himself to make comments to the keeper who turns in frustration and pushes Robben in the face. Robben then throws himself to the ground grabbing his throat, Reina is then shown the red card and sent off.
This incident was headline news for most, if not all of the tabloid newspapers as the experts and pundits were disgusted by Robben’s actions. Chelsea were already 2-0 at this stage of the gane and was not going to achieve anything by having a player sent off. But their was one person who was extremely excited by Reina’s misfortune and that was Jerzy Dudek, the goal stopper who won Liverpool the Champion’s League title by saving Adriy Shevchenko’s penalty kick. He has been on the bench since the start of the season as Jose Reina was brought into the side from Villarreal, but now he has three games to prove that he is stilll Liverpool’s number one choice!
All in all for this year it is going to be a very heated time in the world of football, who will get closest to Chelsea for second place or is it possible for anyone to take that top spot from them? it does not look likely as they are fifteen points away from Manchester United who are second in the table.
But there have been great moments that have made this year look promising, and as we look forward to the run up to the end of the season we have many things to look forward to. Champions League, The FA Cup, Carling Cup and crowning the Premiership Champions!!! (Whoever they may be!)

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