Government Control

Posted: February 14, 2006 in News and politics
Long live the revolution!!!
Why is it that we are told that we are free, but then i the next breath we are ask to restrict ourself of the things we want to do to feel free?
Smoking bans, drinking restrictions! If pubs can be open all hours then why can people not just smoke where they want to? I am not a smoker but drinking is just as bad for ones health as smoking, it’s just that smoking can affect those around not just the smoker!
Yes smoking is horrid in more ways than one, but our lives are becoming more and more controlled by the Government as ID cards are introduced to crack down on terrorism, but as quoted by a reporter “Terrorists use their real names!”, so how can ID cards be a prevention?
Complaining will not change anything, but to instil a sense of knowledge that will get people asking questions it will then help people to want a change!!
For years people have been fighting for their right, but they seem to forget this until it is too late and then they find themselves questioning the situation, wondering how they got to be so restricted!
Smoking bans may be good for our health and trying to get people to cut down on their amount of alcohol intake is all wel and good, but is this leading to forcing people to do what society wants and not leading life how they choose to!!

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