Posted: February 16, 2006 in Uncategorized
People are easily pleased especially those who are involved in football as recent events have proved. In the Premiership match up of Chelsea and Liverpool diving was the topic of the newspapers and sports programmes, but as soon as Arjan Robben scored for Chelsea in the following match all was forgiven!
I just don’t think that in football people have real conviction, as they can be won over by goals, but that only really applies to Chelsea who can only do wrong for about five seconds before everyone loves them again. But Chelsea as a team do not seem to see this as it seems that as often as poosible they are trying to manipulate people into supporting Chelsea like they do not understand the concept of being a supporter!
But as I came across this poster in The Times online I thought that I should help get it more exposure so that those who truely enjoy football and want the game to get back to the days when it as a sport was a monopoly and Rugby, Cricket and Tennis were struggling to encourage people to watch!
I know that there are many players that get over looked who have made part of them to dive at the slightest touch, but naming names is getting us nowhere. Now is the time to take a stand and bring football back!!!!

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