Don’t understand!

Posted: February 26, 2006 in News and politics
I am so tired of all this racism that plagues this world!
In football they are trying to fight it, but then we look into politics and there they go allowing heavily racist party’s to put across their views and entice people to be a part of their right-wing views!
There was the BNP and now the N9S, why are “white” business types so threatened by “black/asian” people? We are not all here because we wanted to be!! There was such a period when there was slavery, do you truely believe that people would volunteer to be slaves when they were living a life of freedom in their own country??
It is not easy to live anywhere any more if you are not a certain complexion!
Watching spanish football has become so depressing as the supporters and some of the players chant and are racially abusive! Just yesterday watching the Barcelona v Real Zaragoza and part way through the match Samual Eto’o an African player was distraught and wanted to be substituted as he did not want to continue with all the racist chants and even a player was saying racist comments to him!! (I have become very nervous of ever travelling to spain!)
Then there was in Italy Paulo Di Canio who has prided himself on the nazi salute!
Then the British historian David Irving, claiming that the Holocaust had not happened! (Glad that he will be jailed!!) But I am so tired of having to be afraid because of the colour of my skin! I can not change that and never will. It is ok for “white” people to want to get a tan when they go on holiday, but if you are blessed with colour already then that is not beautiful or ok!!!????!!!! (I truely do not understand!!)
All that I can end with saying is:
“What doesn’t destroy you, makes you stronger.”

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