Goodbye & Good Luck!!

Posted: March 6, 2006 in Uncategorized
Today Sunderland have sacked their manager Mick McCarthy!
Just last month Greame Sounness was sacked as Newcastle United manager. Why is it that the manager is blamed for the lack of success of the team?
Newcastle have become a better team with the sacking of their manager, but Sunderland are a newly promoted team and not always can they manage the pace set in the Premiership!
Sunderland won the Championship, which seems to have been forgotten as they have struggled to make an impact in the Premiership.
It has been so hard for Mick to really bring out the potential in the Premiership, which is expected as their is a big gap in the level of play from the Championship to the Premiership and it can be hard to bridge that gap. Wigan surprised everyone with their performance as they powered up the Premiership table almost holding Chelsea in their first game as a Premisership team. But looking at all three teams that have been promoted they are struggling to really get to grips with the Premiership as their are the tops teams and the bottom teams! That is how football works and now Sunderland have another problem to face them this season as they have 10 matches before the end of the season, but they are having to do that under a caretaker manager. Sunderland cannot getr out of the rut they are in, but they could have kept Mick ’til the end of the season and then make their decision!
All that is left is to wish Mick McCarthy the best of luck for the future!

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