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Posted: October 17, 2006 in Uncategorized
In the news they are making a big statement on Muslim women wearing a veil. What is so wrong with it?
They walk around and people are intrigued by them! You can see their eyes and you continue to look knowing
you can’t see the rest of their face, but it’s the mystery, that comes with their faces being covered. I have wanted to cover my face, just exposing my eyes. When I was growing up I was facinated by Genies and their veils. They were seductive by using their eyes, so the Muslim women who are wearing their veils can be just as expressive as the rest of us who expose their faces, it’s just that we have lost the ability to look beyond the eyes! People used to believe the eyes were the window to a persons soul, so why is it so hard for people to accept that these women choose to cover their faces!
I think that anyone that feels that they can not get over this issue, this is just like the issue regarding youths and their hoodies! You may not think so, but it is because you are telling people what they can or can’t wear! If this country really gave people their freedom then they wouldn’t expect people to have to change the way they dress to fit into this cosmopolitan society! Just think it is was you…This is their religious beliefs, this is their choice!
If people  can have freedom of speech, then why can’t they also have freedom to express themselves, whether for fashion purposes or to express their faith!
People have a right to be free!