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Ignorance is not Bliss!!

Posted: February 23, 2009 in Uncategorized
A news report stated that the BBC had been inundated with complaints over a presenter that has been appearing on  CBBeebies. This presenter is called Cerrie Burnell, who is co-presenter on ‘Do and Discover’. The problem that parents have with her is the fact that Cerrie Burnell was born with one arm. This should not be a problem, but for some simple-minded parents they feel that their children would be “frightened” by the one-armed presenter.
I am saddened  that in a world where we fight for equal opportunities there are still so many people who feel that they need to protect their children from disabled people. Why are we trying to move forward in life to make everyone feel like an equal, when as soon as someone who is different appears on a public platform the world has such a negative opinion? Shouldn’t change be a good thing?
Growing up I would stay up late to watch programmes that featured people with disabilties and it always annoyed me because they were so educational or just great dramas. If Cerrie Burnell were a black/asian woman the complaints would have not occured? Parents are supposed to be raising children that will be more accepting of others, but with people still strugggling to accept those who are different then we will continue to live in a facist nation!
We fight for freedom to live, so why not fight for freedom to work? “British jobs for British people” the Prime Minister Gordan Brown was quoted as saying, but why not “jobs for people”? Disabled person – we need to forget the word ‘disability‘ and remember the word ‘person‘! A person has a right to live their dream, whatever it may be and Cerrie Burnell is helping to educate children, not corrupt them, so she should not be faced with bullying by ignorant parents!

Jade Goody is a Publicity Stunt!

Posted: February 22, 2009 in Uncategorized
The media and public have been showing their support to Jade goody because she has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. She has been told that she has a few week to live. Yes this is sad, but the problem I have with this is that Jade has spent her entire famous life in the public eye. She began her career on big brother and in leaving that every momet of her life has be on television. Most people see this annoying simple-minded woman, but some are just amused by her lack of knowledge and chid-like attitude. My point is that Jade has now cashed in on another aspect of her lfe and that is her death!
Cancer is ot a new disease, many men and women have survived or died from cancer, but none of these people have ever cashed in on their illness, until now! I am so disgusted by the of intelligence within England. Jade Goody is not publicising her illness to raise awareness of cancer, but to line her pockets for the future of her children. Most pople would say that is a good thing, but what about the thousands of people that have died before Jade, they did not gain millions of pounds or their family to be able to live comfortably, they were not supported by millions of people. Some people probably died alone wishing that they could spend the last week with their family.
Jade has spent her whole television career as a reality tv personality, but in her las weeks on this Earth she decides (or allows) herself to put her children last and spend the last possible strong days getting married and not spending every waking moment with her children. I am so tiredof hearing about Jade Goody ecause there are so many people sat alone with terminal cancer and no one is giving them £1.5 million for photos of them as they begin to physically start to weaken and then die!
I may seem hard-heartedt if Jade had told everyone to leave her alone so she could spend her last days with her family, I may feel saddened by her situation, but  ca not. Jade Goody is a television hog and cancer is her publicity stunt, which is sick, disgusting and totally takes away the magnitude of what people go through when they are dying of cancer. The money that she receives from all this should go to cancer research, because then her parading on television will be helping towards a good cause and saving more lives.
I am not angry at her success, but at the public for not looking at the bigger picture! I will leave you with this scenario:
If you made a career from appearing on reality television programmes and then were told that you are going to die of cancer, there is nothing that the doctors can do.  They give you just a few weeks to live, what would you be doing on those last weeks of your like? (You do not need to jive me the answer, just think about it seriously, because cancer is real and can be diagnosed to anyone)
One thing that I must admit, and that is Jade actually looks pretty with a bald head! A woman criticized for her looks and the one thing that most women are afraid of are losing their hair and looking unattractive, but it is a very good look for Jade and something that should is positive about her in this article.