Lost Youth

Posted: February 16, 2009 in Uncategorized
In the new this past week, one of the main headlines were the birth of a baby girl to young parents. The young parent were a 15-year old mother and her father a 13-year old boy. The social services looked into prosecuting the child, but decided against it (another law that is pointless). But I am not that disappointed by the lack of punishment, it is the way the media are glamourising the fact that these children, especially the 13-year old has lost the remained of his childhood.
I look out of my window and see children running around the streets playing childish games, but deep down it is clear that they don’t really act like children. They hang outside the off licence begging for an adult to buy them alcohol, shouting abuse at them if they refuse to get it for them. They talk about relationships as though they have lived 20+ years, not really seeing the magnitude of the life they are losing.
I remember being young and daydreaming about a career when I got older, travelling the world and truly experiencing life. But when I see how much the world has changed I can see that the government are handing children everything, they no longer have to work hard to achieve anything. They do not need to have good grades because they would be paid to attend college, and if they chose not to do that, they will be given apprenticeships or as it seems now they get pregnant and live of the government (taxpayers) money.
They advertise jobs for people to become teachers, but what really is the point of teaching the unteachable? Young people today do not need school, because soon with the government so blinded to the fact that people have been attending school for years and yet the government have made school irrelevant! The hours children attend classes are shorter, the school day starts later and children are now paid to attend.
My biggest fear is that when I bring a child into this world, they would not be smart, that they will rely on handouts and struggle to motivate themselves! Peer pressure is the hardest thing to rebel against, but that is all that is left if our youth is to claim back their YOUTH!

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