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Posted: April 1, 2009 in Uncategorized
It so easy for people to watch the news and see what should be a peaceful protest become violent. The presence of the police is what causes violence. Today I attended the protest for Climate Change outside the Bank of England and there was no sign of violence apart from the police officers that stood by glaring at everyone that passed by them. This was my first protest and I felt very unnerved by the presence of the police, they looked like a mob of youth that hang on a street corner waiting to cause trouble, but in this case the aggressors were the law.
I left early, but I passed by the Royal Bank of Scotland and it was very quiet no sign that the protest was going to move in that direction, but police were situated in front of the building. I thought this was strange as protesters had already set up camps.
When I reached home I decided to check on the progress of the protest as this was the first day, with everything beginning tomorrow as that is the day of the G20 summit. As the internet pae loaded I could see that there was Breaking News, so as I scrolled to the news I could see the scenes of violence and didn’t recognise the location until I watched the video. It was the Royal Bank of Scotland and protesters had broke windows and attempted to enter the building, while the police fight through the crowds to get to the ring leaders. I thought it was strange that the police officers that were stood there when I was heading home did not stay put if they knew that the protesters may attempt to move down that street?
Watching all the different footage of the protest I realised that both sides are the cause of the violence that has befell a potentially peaceful protest. The police with their brute attitude and the people who attend the protests with an anarchist attitude. We claim to be a civilised country but yet we find it very difficult to make a point with out violence. What are we teaching our children or the countries we invade forcing our democratic views, but we cannot even be democratic in our approach to life. We go to war and fight amongst ourselves, but we still don’t see the “log in our eyes”!
We are not a society that has grounds to enforce our views onto others, if we cannot even police our people or the people who are meant to enforce the laws!