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Powerful Criminals

Posted: May 22, 2009 in Uncategorized
It is all over the news about the MPs expenses, who has claimed for what, but no one seems to look at the bigger picture. We are in the thick of a recession  and the people who are supposed to be protecting our interests are robbing us. They are fraudsters, but will never face criminal charges! We are paying our taxes, some people struggle to pay their taxes, but this is where our money is going. While the people of this country are trying to save money and changing their ways to do so, MPs are living the high life on our money.
With the upcoming elections, I am now facing the challenge of making my vote count for something! I have never really took my vote seriously, just voted for the sake of voting. But I am older, wiser and trying to live a city life, which is  very expensive. My dilemma is that whoever I vote for would not be able to make a difference because no one in this country is willing to take the time to research the other political parties that are available to them. People vote for who the newspaper print about or what the television show them, no one will vote anything but Labour or conservative (tory)! If, and that is a big IF, people vote away from the top two political parties it will be Liberal Democrats, because despite being a country of free thinkers, no one is willing to do the work of looking at the policies of the political parties that are out there.
There are so many political parties that even I am overwhelmed, but I want to live in a country that I could feel proud to call my home, a place where I could raise my children and they could build a life here. But I feel that even if I did vote, it would mean nothing! People are set in their ways, not willing to change, they would vote for the same party that they voted for every single time they were called to vote. Trying to change that mentality is very difficult even when the evidence is clear that the country is being run by crooks!
I write this to moan, but mainly in the hope that it would be read and possibly change the mindset of people who will not use their vote or those who will not look at the possiblities of other political parties!