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I have been thinking for a while about what I would write next in this blog and with the heartbreak in most hearts around the world, it feels right to enter a post about Michael Jackson.
He revolutionised the music industry and not many people have never heard of him or his music. His death was such a shock and I feel deeply disgusted by all the media speculation. Not a day has passed since his death have the world been able to truely moan its loss! MJ was a strange guy, but that never took away the great things his music has brought to my life. I spent years dancing to his tracks and despite his later years of accusations it did not stop me loving his music.
One thing that I realise about the world media and the impressionable public, is that we are so quick to find fault with those we put on a pedestal.
Michael Jackson will be missed, whether it’s because you wanted to see him behind bar or you actually loved him! A legend is dead and all people can do is dig deep into his life forgetting that his family is still mourning their loss!
Take this thought away with you: If you had just lost a loved one, who was always in trouble, would you want to hear the bad things while you mourned your lose? Think about the Jackson family and those children that called him “Dad”, when you read all the tabloid stories and think about all the negativity surrounding this fallen musical icon!