Try living life!

Posted: September 3, 2010 in Uncategorized
Not sure what I want to write, but I feel I need an outlet for my thoughts…
I have been so trapped inside my own head lately that I feel like I m going to implode! No amount of talking seems to stop the flow of creative thought that surges through my mind & I feel like a part of me is missing. I can not believe that people can just settle into life & not want something more…
For the past year & a half I have been stuck in a linbo of self discovery. I have not gained any real insight into who I am or where my life is going, but I truly understand why people struggle to be happy! Life can be so meaningless & lonely, especially when your lost inside you own self. Battling to continue on for another day!
I lost a young relative & it made it even clearer to me that life is short, but how can one live life to the full when everything that anyone would want to do in this lifetime costs money. Every day things get harder & more expensive. They predict that this recession will not get better & prices are continuing to rise! Why do we have to put so much power in the hands of the rich?
We make life hard… Being alive & expecting something for nothing!! No one wants to explore life & the benefits that working can bring. Being able to tavel the world & experience everything that this life has to offer…
I feel that the poor is impacting the working class in such a way that life becomes hard & meaningless. They don’t realise that dependance on the government handouts have on people who are earning basic salaries!! (Not to mention those on minimum)
We no longer have children dreaming of growing up & working, but children who want to be single parents or find some way of getting benefits. Everyday the media report on the recession & continue to scare people into thinking that it is just due to the banks lending. But if they look at all those who are claiming benefits for unemployment, disability & single mothers they would realise it isn’t just the banks that could get us out of this mess.
I know this post was just meant to be a rant about how crappy life is, & what/where can I take my next step, but this has been an issue on my mind for a while & I don’t feel that people should have their financial support taken away from then, but the government should organise some sort of capping system. More younger people are claiming support because they know they can earn more than someone who works!! But no one ever seems to question who is actually paying for them to get this money??? Worker are!! You go to work you are paying tax…
I have sat listening to the radio (LBC to be exact) & they were moaning about the BBC using our money to take The Stig to court, which I thought was funny as they never seemed to mention the hundreds if not thousands of people who are claiming benefits & some doing so fraudulantly! It does not seem to occur to anyone about this because everyone wants something for nothing!! That’s why television that gives talentless freaks a career are so popular & people spend what they have on getting a lottery ticket each week in the hopes of winning big & being able to then start living!! Why not start living anyway???
Life is for living… I’m going to try & live mine now!!! Because tomorrow may never come…

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