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Craziest Weekend Ever!!

Posted: March 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

Friday — I took a chance & attended a movie screening, unfortunately not to watch the movie, but stand outside for hours in the hopes to catch a glimpse of the movies cast!!

Arrived & there was no crowd or barrier so me & my friend walked across the street & sat in Eat to have a sandwich & a catch up. We had been informed that the screening would start at 18:20, so as it was 15:00 we took our time.

My boyfriend arrived at 17:00 & we decided to head over to the cinema where I purchased tickets to see a movie. Waiting out side the crowd began to form, obviously they got the same information as me & my friend. This was a very strange occasion as still no barriers were put up & press were already inside the cinema entrance waiting for the arrival of the movies cast.

18:20 & the moment everyone had been waiting for… A black hire car pulls up to the front to the cinema & security rush to the door.

In a blurry motion, Bradley Cooper rushes past me & the other awaiting crowd members, entering the cinema. People are shell- shocked, on one hand they got a glimpse of the guy they had been waiting for, but on the other he was now out of reach!

As I stood there bewildered, my boyfriend lent down to me & whispered “he told that girl he’ll come back!”

I stood staring through the glass at Bradley Cooper & watched as he walked back out of the cinema with only one security guard & no form of barrier to greet the awaiting crowd.

Touching his VERY nice ‘SuperDry’ jacket, I pulled out my iPod & took a few photos of this guy, who is VERY cute in person!!

After all that excitement we went for food at a Steak house. I was not very hungry, but just getting to chat & enjoy the shared experience with my friend & my boyfriend was enough. She left as she was meeting another of her friends, but my boyfriend & I went to see the movie that I booked.

It was a very plush cinema & I could now see why they held the screening there. Our movie wasn’t until 21:20 so we had a long wait, but we had time to chat & pick our movie snacks.

Finally our screen was clearing out & I realised that it was the guests who were watching the Bradley Cooper movie ‘Limitless’. But before I could blink I was facing Bradley Cooper for the second time that night & now Anna Friel who also starred in the movie. They actually stayed & watched the movie. There were a few B- listers there, but it was just so surreal.

That was such a great start to my weekend.

Saturday — After an eventful Friday, I spent the day with my boyfriend. We are going on holiday in 2 weeks so needed to get some extra stuff.

We went into central London, it was a nice day, no rain! We walked to a luggage store as I really needed a new suitcase & I am the fussiest ever when I know what I want, but can’t find it anywhere.

So bad news when I get to the luggage store… They sold the case that I liked & only had the smaller version. Crap, I am a girl, like hell would I fit all my stuff in a small case!!

So we leave that store & continue along the high street, but then I remember that I wanted to get some waterproof shoes. I have to be prepared to the likelihood! So I take us on a crazy long journey to the Crocs store, but on our way we find some amazing places on some side streets. On one street was a cheese store, I almost lost focus (almost I stayed on track). Finally getting to the store I get the shoes I wanted, but still had no suitcase!!!

We stop for coffee, my poor boyfriend was exhausted, shopping with a girl is never good for ones health (even if they are like me, in & out no hanging around)!!

After our coffee break more shopping, but my boyfriend got in on the act & got himself some really cute gear.

But it was the best day we had together in ages. No movie stars, but a shopping spree that ran from morning to evening without injury!!

Sunday — Today we had a well deserved lie in, as today we were heading to Brent Cross! I needed a suitcase as I only have one more weekend before the holiday.

We decided that we would drive there instead of take public transport. It was a great idea.

Brent Cross was extremely busy, we were lucky to get a parking space straight away & passed up the opportunity to clean our vehicle. Such a poor decision as the vehicle is on desperate need of a wash.

Walking into the shopping centre I forgot how big the place was. Walked in & out of a few stores as the focus was on a suitcase, but there were so many lovely items that I WILL be returning for.

So to avoid getting of track went to John Lewis, which was a great idea as it has everything! But I almost got caught in the kitchen utensils, so had to rush to the escalators. Got to the travel goods department & there were some really nice cases, but none were what I wanted. As I was ready to leave, I walked to end of the luggage section & there on the bottom shelf is the only Animal suitcase they have & it is just what I wanted. I grab it & unzip it, it was perfect & before I knew I had walked away with it! MINE!

I pay for it & we leave the store, I had finally bought my case & now feel like I am going on holiday!!

Such a full weekend, but all has been achieved!!

In written form, my weekend doesn’t seem so great, but this is the first time since booking my holiday that I haven’t felt stressed or like a nagging wife… I actually felt like myself.

Hopefully most posts won’t all be this long winded & rambling, but I just wanted to have this weekend to remember that I can come back from the stress of adulthood & feel cool, calm & collected!