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My Toronto Trip

Posted: April 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

Toronto was a very different place to Vancouver. Got to the airport & nothing, no security wandering around, no help desk. Vancouver had a help desk & we were questioned by security, but Toronto was just confusion.

Well I was glad to be there as it was a city & I love the city.

Took a bus to the hotel, which was cool as it has wifi… Oh how I was in heaven.

The city was amazing, everywhere there are skyscrapers. The condos look amazingly beautiful & liveable, not like the apartment building in the UK that look so grubby. Also the streets are so much cleaner than those in the city of London, it was so strange as it’s a very busy city.

Our hotel was in downtown so we had access to the best places & we were right next to the CN Tower.

Toronto is so big but we managed to walk most places & went to Yonge St & Dundas, which looked so much like Piccadilly Circus in London.

Also went to the Distillery District, which felt like we had left the city because it looked so different.

We did have the best excursion ever to Niagara Falls. Unfortunately the ‘Maid of the Mist’ boat ride wasn’t running so we got to go behind the falls, which was a bit disappointing. We also went to a winery school & I finally learnt to taste wine like a professional!
I tried the ice wine & it was delicious, so we bought a bottle of red & white. It is considered a dessert wine because it is so sweet.

As our amazing holiday came to an end we went to the Toronto Zoo, really just so we could go on a double decker train. It was so weird, but a good experience.

We wondered around the zoo seeing many amazing animals, but due to the time of year some of the animals were not on display. It wasn’t much of a problem as we got to see animals that live in the cold climates & got to see a couple bears.

Our last night in Toronto we wanted to go out with a bang as we were not ready to leave. So we went to dinner at the 360 restaurant, which is the rotating restaurant in the CN Tower. We got to watch the sun set & see the city lit up. We were also so lucky as the moon was high & full, such a romantic, beautiful sight. The beat way to end the holiday.

I will definitely be returning to Toronto & hopefully in the very near future.


My Vancouver Trip pt.2

Posted: April 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

02/04/2011 – Today was Saturday & the sun was shining, so I decide to take the SeaBus to North Vancouver. I went to the Capilano Suspension Bridge, it had a giant bridge that stemmed across the valley. Walking across the bridge it felt so unstable, but was so fun. Then once on the other side, there were wooden paths built into the trees so that people can walk through the trees. They also had so much information about the trees & creatures that venture into this part of the forest.
It didn’t need a full day, but going on a very nice day makes the experience so much more fun!