My trip to Vancouver

Posted: April 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

30/03/2011 – I decided to go to Vancouver Aquarium because it had shows starring Dolphins, Belugas & Otters to name a few. Unknowingly we arrive to a very busy aquarium, but the line is moving very quickly so we are unfazed. Paying to get in was not as pricey as first thought, but the complex was massive.

As we join the line to enter the aquarium our photo is taken & we received a ticket. After finally gaining entry into the aquarium, we make a quick walk to the information screen so we can find out what talks are happening & when.

We wander out to the seal enclosure & they are very energised & amazing to watch. But as we turn to the dolphin enclosure there is an announcement that the show is about the start. It was the first show of the day & the dolphins were raring to go. It was so amazing to watch & the information about how they research dolphin lifestyles were amazing.

We also saw the shows for the belugas & walked through the new exhibition on animals of the amazon. They had butterflies roaming free & parrots in the same enclosure. Also they had frogs, bats, sharks & so many water creatures. It is an attraction that I would suggest to everyone.

On leaving the aquarium we purchased the photo they had taken when we arrived, not a very flattering photo, but it represented our amazing day!

We decided that while we were at Stanley Park we’d go & see the totem poles. There wasn’t really much to see, but they were very nice to see.

We left Stanley Park & walked to Gastown, where we went for a meal at The Spaghetti Factory.

A great day & a great introduction to Vancouver. I’ll have more stories to share, but I am truly enjoying being a lady of the world. I think I’ll make this traveling lark a regular thing!


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