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Pain of being a Minority

Posted: August 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

A few months ago I was on twitter & a woman claimed that black women didn’t have body issue, because and I quote “in fact, black girls & women have higher self esteem re bodies than White women – due to lack of princess/fashion model role models? Maybe”. I contacted this woman to set her straight that ALL women have body image issues, but she threw statistics at me.

Then today I log on to twitter again & a Historian claims that these recent riots are because “White people” have adapted to the “black culture of violence”. What are people trying to do? Create a race divide?

On the news so many black guys say how they don’t feel British, and all these comments re-enforce that. I don’t that any minority group have ever been given the opportunity to feel like they are British even if they were born here. All this speculation about this “black culture” that has given birth to this gang culture, then this race divide that is beginning to form will only get bigger. Leaving the “White man” alone to fend off the minority groups which has begun to become the majority of this country.

I am not trying to insight hatred, but as I listen or watch people make their judgements about all the minority groups that make up this country, I am forced to need to know why White people seem to think that minority groups are not living in pain or fear of them! The White man introduced most of the negative aspects of life. The White man invaded countries, created the lifestyle of take what isn’t yours. But they seem to think that it was created by peaceful village dwelling people who lived to create communities in their own countries.

Sometimes the White man needs to look within his/her own history before passing blame on the minority groups that are trying to fit into this world. People who lost their lives in the riots are not all White, but people of other races that were defending the place they worked or lived. The minority races that the White man want to blame for the White man becoming violent, just think who lost their lives trying to protect their British home!


A Falling Country

Posted: August 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

Update of the riots that have hit the streets of London & spread to other British cities.

I have been watching the news all night & at some point the riots descended upon my area, & I have no criticism of the actions of the police because during all the recent protests that have turned violent in the recent past, after the event the police are faced with so much to answer for if they have used what people deem too much force.

I don’t necessarily think that the police are afraid, but I think they are out numbered. When all this rioting has been brought to calm, will the footage of the police become used against the police?

I also don’t understand what people think that the PM David Cameron can possibly do? Holding meetings will not change the situation, I don’t think that this has anything to do with cuts or the death of Mark Duggan. This is an issue that has been approaching before the Tories/Lib Dems, ran the country. The youths of Britain have become angry with the police & the lack of a community. Blaming social networking sites will not change the situation, but make it impossible for regular people to stay abreast of the violence.

This was caused by a labour government, not the coalition. These cuts are necessary to bring our economy back from the gutter. So many people just want something for nothing & these riots & looting just prove my point. I have said so many time to people that Labour created this “get something for nothing” culture. On one of the videos from the nights riots & young girl said that she is taking her taxes back… Does she not understand that these stores do not have her “taxes”, it is her parents that are sitting at home throughout the day claiming benefits for her, she has taken the tax money that people pay when she finishes school & sits claiming job seekers allowance. This has nothing to do with tax cuts, but stealing & violence. Some people were robbed & their homes broken into, that has nothing to do with tax cuts. I am disgusted that people are blaming PM David Cameron for all this when he is trying to fix the problems that were caused before he took the role of PM.

People are so ignorant to the fact the things had to change, but sometimes change has to be hard before it can get better. What do people want?

Police are still speeding through the streets as I write this & all I can think is that if Labour get back into power we will only be putting a band-aid onto this situation. Youths have no understanding of the political situation & are not protesting, this is mindless violence, looting & vandalism.

My thoughts are so all over the place as I write this because I am trying to stay up to date with all the news about how they are going to restore the city. When this all started there was a reason (or the thought that there was a reason), but now it is just bored youths trying to harm people of the community who are paying the taxes that some of these youths are saying that they are claiming back from the looting.

I hope that a resolution could be reached, but I know a lot of my political views & thoughts will not be appreciated by most, but this has made me feel a lot stronger about them because there is no punishment that will make young people fear the police or anyone in authority. I think that juvenile detention centres should not be places of luxury & parents should be also taken into account. If parents are also held accountable for the actions of their children, then a lot of these youths would not be ALLOWED to run riot of the streets. But then as I say that, not everyone involved in these riots are youths.

We need to take back our COUNTRY from the youths, bring back the days when youths RESPECTED their elders!