Fall of a City

Posted: August 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

This weekend has been full of reports about riots, looting & violence. I went online to see more first-hand viewpoints, but within the comments & opinions a theme was forming… Race!

The more I read the more I started to notice that people were blaming black people & I am not disputing that black people were involved, but they were not the only race I saw on video footage. I saw all races throughout the footage of the entire weekend partaking in all the destruction.

It all began due to police involved shootings throughout areas of London. What fuelled the riots of this weekend (6th August 2011) was the shooting of Mark Duggan. The first reports were that Mark Duggan had shot at police hitting one in the chest, but the bullet hit his radio getting lodged & then the police opened fire, killing him in the street. But under investigation due to this death it was discovered that the bullet in the radio of the police offer was in actual fact from a police issued weapon.

Police are not portrayed as a force for good or community safety, but a gang of thugs that have immunity from prosecution. People are angry because there will be no justice for Mark Duggan because it was the police that killed him & not a person from the general public.

I am in no way condoning the violence that has ensued due to people wanting justice & for the police to take responsibility for their mistakes, but I am not happy that people are causing a bigger rift between people who should be creating a community.

We have lost all sense of creating a community. London is a very solitary place & I saw from the footage of the violence over the weekend very little to no regard for the safety of people living in the buildings that were being set alight. Fires blazed throughout the city & no one seemed to care about the safety of the families in the area.

I would like to think that things will change & the feel of community will finally emerge, but it does not look that way as people are more self-absorbed.

I like to think that will all this damage & violence that the police will get a BIG clean up & mistakes like this will become less frequent. It seems that the police do not learn from their mistakes & it is not a mistake of arresting the wrong person & then having to set them free, but a much more permanent mistake in taking the life of another human being.

Regardless of whether someone is innocent or guilty we have a legal system to prove this point. Why do we have lawyers/solicitors if the police are going to be judge & jury with one bullet? Race should never be a factor for deeming someone guilty!


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