Pain of being a Minority

Posted: August 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

A few months ago I was on twitter & a woman claimed that black women didn’t have body issue, because and I quote “in fact, black girls & women have higher self esteem re bodies than White women – due to lack of princess/fashion model role models? Maybe”. I contacted this woman to set her straight that ALL women have body image issues, but she threw statistics at me.

Then today I log on to twitter again & a Historian claims that these recent riots are because “White people” have adapted to the “black culture of violence”. What are people trying to do? Create a race divide?

On the news so many black guys say how they don’t feel British, and all these comments re-enforce that. I don’t that any minority group have ever been given the opportunity to feel like they are British even if they were born here. All this speculation about this “black culture” that has given birth to this gang culture, then this race divide that is beginning to form will only get bigger. Leaving the “White man” alone to fend off the minority groups which has begun to become the majority of this country.

I am not trying to insight hatred, but as I listen or watch people make their judgements about all the minority groups that make up this country, I am forced to need to know why White people seem to think that minority groups are not living in pain or fear of them! The White man introduced most of the negative aspects of life. The White man invaded countries, created the lifestyle of take what isn’t yours. But they seem to think that it was created by peaceful village dwelling people who lived to create communities in their own countries.

Sometimes the White man needs to look within his/her own history before passing blame on the minority groups that are trying to fit into this world. People who lost their lives in the riots are not all White, but people of other races that were defending the place they worked or lived. The minority races that the White man want to blame for the White man becoming violent, just think who lost their lives trying to protect their British home!


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