Holy Week

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How to do Holy Week right

Day-by-Day ideas for making the week before Easter truly sacred.

Monday: Read John 12:1-11. In pouring out her perfume, Mary challenges both consumption and frugality—which are both rooted in selfishness. Today, set aside your agenda and generously celebrate a loved one.

Tuesday: In John 13:21-38, Jesus predicts Judas’ betrayal and Peter’s denial. Spend time on your knees confessing your own faltering loyalty today: people you’ve wounded, promises you’ve broken.

Wednesday: Read Jesus’ prayers in John 17. Take your lunch today to pray. Follow Jesus’ example: Pray for troubles you are facing, then pray for those close to you, then for believers globally.

Maundy Thursday: The day before He was crucified, Jesus celebrated Passover with His disciples (John 13:1-17). Host your own Passover feast tonight. (Search “Seder menu” online for traditional recipes.) After the meal, take time to wash one another’s feet.

Good Friday: Attend a Good Friday service over lunch. Begin fasting at noon and continue until Easter morning—the hours Jesus was dead. Read the Passion story in any of the Gospels.

Holy Saturday: As you continue your fast today, journal about things you are “waiting” for—unresolved areas in your life. While there is victory to come, our suffering in the now means something—as does our response. See if any churches are hosting a Holy Saturday vigil you could attend.

Easter Sunday: He is risen! So wear your Easter best, sing victoriously, enjoy brunch … but never forget—even when you bite off that chocolate bunny’s ear—why today is a day that matters.

(Source: Relevant Magazine)


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