Love Yourself

Posted: December 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

Trying to be beautiful is painful. I don’t know any woman that is happy with their look. Even those who are beautiful are not happy.

Woman need to be told constantly that they are beautiful, but that still is not enough. This results in looking for reassurance in all the wrong places.

I have made a point not to say “looking for love“, that’s because it’s not love they find or that they are seeking. Love holds no bounds:

L isten.
O verlook offences.
V alue.
E xpress your love.

Reassurance is an act to make someone feel better about a situation, Love is an emotion, which can be shown with actions.

This video shows how not valuing yourself can cause life to turn upside down. Rating our worth by someone else’s radar only leaves us not valuing ourselves enough.

Women need to stick together instead of compete, but that is easier said than done. As women if we are single, we are searching for a relationship & we deem every other single woman as a threat. I have tried to never compete for a guy, not because I think I’m ugly, but because it is not worth it. If a guy wants you & you want him, no one should be able to break you up. Life is too short to stay in a loveless relationship.


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