Because We Can

Posted: December 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

Life is short, but some people take life for granted. In this world there are people who don’t have the luxury to take life for granted because they are spending their day trying to survive.

Living in the western society we are so ignorant to the third world, despite we are shown images everyday. We see the Oxfam, UNICEF & other charity advertisement, but have we become desensitised?
Charity has become a fad, we do it to make ourselves feel that. Care, but do we really understand the problem some people face? I don’t think so!

We protest for free money to live, when we have the ‘choice’ of going out to work. We moan about how much money we earn, but we earn much more than some countries citizens.
Looking at what some people’s daily life consists of can we appreciate what we have? We live day-to-day without incident. Children going to school isn’t a trek through a mine field, getting water isn’t a matter of life or death & we get free medical care services which is not an issue to get to as we have ambulance services. Bearing this in mind, how to you face life situations?


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