What’s wrong with being ugly?

Posted: December 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

I decided to bring myself back to my youth years, by watching ‘My So-Called Life’ on LoveFilm. All the issues portrayed are so real & I know that was the point, but on the episode “The Zit” it’s about beauty.

Why are girls so mean to each other? Why are girls jealous of each other?

I decide that I want to post a video clip on Facebook from the scene that stated “why do girls have to tear each other down?” But instead I found this:

I then started to think about what his words meant.

I used to straighten my hair, bleach my skin & abandon everything that made me different. As I got older these words became my world, Why am I straightening my hair? Why am I bleaching my skin? I decided if I were to be ugly because of my nappy hair or my dark skin, then this world had a problem not me!

I am in a interracial relationship & everyday I make a comment about being a natural black girl (which consist of my Afro hair & dark skin) he tells me how beautiful my natural blackness makes me. He doesn’t bow down to the media definition of beautiful (which consists of blonde hair & white skin & nothing much else to be honest).
Yes, I still probably hold a little resentment to the Caucasian female population because they have it so easy. They will never truly know how it feels to be ugly based on the colour of their skin or the fact that straightening their hair isn’t reliant on hair pieces.

I once read a yahoo post from a white woman who stated how lucky being a white woman was. It really opened my eyes & I was actually happy to see a woman willing to put herself in a possible firing line by being honest.

The clip from “The Zit” episode that inspired this post:


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