Why is race such an issue?

Posted: January 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

This is going to be another serious post. This is about race.

I am reluctant to write this post, but I have had a very slow night at work & feel that I may as well add to the many blog post, youtube videos & forum questions that I have been reading.

I am a black female (if you haven’t guessed from some of my posts), I am in a relationship with a white male. I have never had any close black female friends, also I have dated a black guy (yes, only one).

I am writing this post for people to see that not all black girls are aggressive or “ghetto”.

I went to a predominantly caucasian school & never experienced racism.
I am quite introverted & I don’t mean shy. I am not good at “chitchat”, I am a better talker if I know the topic or have something of value to say.

I don’t consider myself to be beautiful, but I don’t think I’m ugly either. So during my boredom at work I stumbled across a story about a black woman who was held as a sideshow freak just because her body shape was different from those Caucasian descendants.

As I read more posts on various websites, it was being to come clear that as a black female I should have been aware of this woman & her significance to my race.
It did get me thinking… Could this be the reason why black woman are deemed inferior?

I know that the thinking over the years have changed, but it is very difficult to completely irradiate stereotypes. Especially the stereotypes directed at the black community, whether they be positive or negative.

When I was growing up, I had more negative treatment from black people (including my own relatives) than I did from my Caucasian counterparts.

My family is very big, & a diverse mix of races & cultures. So I have never really been forced to celebrate black history as a right of passage into adulthood, but I had a basis knowledge of what “my” history entailed.

This may sound racism, but it is not meant in such a way, but I am well-spoken & do not have the desire to talk “ghetto” or as some people call it “talking black“. I was raised like a rich “white” kid, if you pardon the choice of words used. I have never had to face any hardship as my parents owned their home & we had a garden. Most of the people I knew (even those of the Caucasian persuasion) did not live in such a nice home.

My older sibling became more “ghetto” as the years rolled on, & as he had black friends it was as though to be black was to be “ghetto”. I then got the label “bounty” (as in the chocolate bar), black on the outside, but white in the middle.

I did not understand why… I was just as “black” as they were, but chose to not walk around like a garish lout, seemingly with a chip on my shoulder.

I began to take pride in the fact that I was different & aimed to be a side of the black community that was so far removed from the stereotypes.

Now, when I read post from black people I find it difficult to understand why there is this issue with other races, because as with every race we all come in different shapes & sizes, we all have varying personalities & we have beautiful & ugly people with every race.

Regardless of ones ethnic origin we all have the same insides & that is what should matter. If you were to have an operation do you ask who has supplied the blood/organ? You just want to be saved.

So go with this, yes black people a Afro hair that seems so different from any other race, yes black people have small (sometimes broad) noses, & yes black people have big, full lips. But if you pay attention to any other ethnicity… You might just see the same features on them!


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