Being a 30 something at Church

Posted: January 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

I decided to look at Christians in their 30’s, out of curiosity on the Internet & realised that Christianity when you hit 30 is about dating, marriage & children.

Christians seem to marry in their 20’s & plan a family in their 30’s. With all this life planning where do they get the time to focus on God?

When I was younger & this spans to my early 20’s, my mind was not on a relationship with anyone, but with a relationship with God.

I couldn’t function without speaking to God every day.

As I listen to young Christians today, I feel like I’ve missed something. I don’t hear them speak about God, but about what they want. Don’t get me wrong, I asked God for things, but I didn’t expect anything because like a loving father sometimes you have to deny your child things for them to learn.

Google search: Christians in their 30’s.
You get an influx of Christian dating websites. Quite depressing if you are not single & just want to attend functions for those in their 30’s.
You get websites for 20’s & 30’s, but as you check out the websites you realise that the websites are geared more towards the 20 something’s than the 30 something’s.

Many people seem to think that Christians are sure of themselves, confident & outgoing, but you couldn’t be more wrong. From the many churches I have been to they are just as insecure, clueless & shy as anyone who doesn’t the same beliefs.
So when a 30 something walks into a church they are expecting to feel welcome & you can’t be further from the truth. Churches are not geared at the lonely 30 something, but at the youth awaiting the ascend into adulthood & the families creating more people for the family of God (the church).

It is so easy to walk away from God because of his people, believe me I know as I have done that exact thing, but I have realised that as I am in the “real” world, I should be in the “church” world.
I need to “fake it”!

What is “Faking It” you ask?
Well faking it is… Everything. Confidence!


Walk with your head held high, smile at anyone that looks at you & try to act like you are meant to be there, because in the eyes of God you are supposed to be.


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