Can you be Vulnerable?

Posted: January 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

I have been very slack with my blogging of late, not just because I’ve been lazy, but because I haven’t really been inspired to write a blog post.

I feel that I have opened up as much as I can. I am not really that interesting…

But I read a post from Alison Vesterfelt, it really hit a nerve for me. (She is a really good read, check her out)

I have been opening up on my blog, but I have continued to be guarded, not only online, but in the real world. I think that if people read my blog “I won’t care!”, but this defeats the purpose of becoming vulnerable.

I have struggled with this all my life, every time I break down my walls & invite people to get to know me, as soon as I feel hurt, the walls build up so fast that not even those closest to me can break in without having to break through & building themselves a secret entrance for the next time.

After reading Alison’s blogpost, it really made me think, can I let people know how fragile I really am. I find that if people think that you are confident, that your feelings can’t get hurt, but I doubt there are many people who are truly confident, they just have protected themselves from people. They have created a character who deals with the outside world & they get to hide from the world.

It’s so hard to be vulnerable, but if we were all open with each other with the realisation that we are fragile, what would that change?

Can you be vulnerable?

(This is a short blog, because I wasn’t really in the mind to blog, but needed to get this out.)


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