Going Back

Posted: January 22, 2013 in Uncategorized

I like reading about other Christians journey through faith, because I don’t think anyone born into a faith in God can stay faithful from birth to death without doubt somewhere in the middle.

In the Christian churches I have been to they always have testimonials (stories about how a Christian became a Christian). As I became a teen I had heard many testimonials & felt I had nothing to offer, because I had never been through any trials & just believed because it was all I knew.

I read a conversation between Dawn O’Porter & Carrie Lloyd. Carrie is Christian & along the way she lost her faith, but she found we way back. Her story makes my lost of faith story seem so trivial.

I don’t think my faith will return to how it used to to be. I envy people who can stray from God & then blindly return to church.

I used to be so carefree before I lost my faith, but now the idea of going to church fills me with dread.

I want to find my old identity in Christ, like I had so many years ago. Part of me is fearful because I don’t want my relationship to fail because I feel guilty.

We can not have life both ways, it’s the Christian way or the worldly way!


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