Generation Lost

Posted: February 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

Girl friendships are dying, we show female friendships as competition and this TED talk really made me think. I never really paid much attention to the movies I watched, mainly because growing up I watched more horror, action & probably considered masculine movies.

You don’t realise how much what we watch influences how we interact with people are we grow up. Most girls I knew watched princess movies, while I was watching Star Wars or some zombie movie. This influences the dialogue that we use when speaking & engaging with one another.

In the Bible it describes a wife of noble character and even the Bible depicts women as lone rangers. Proverbs 31:10-31 describes a wife but she is not a women with friends, but a wife & mother, she is a business woman & in her own right a servant to man.

The Bible was written in a different time, but we rely on its teachings today.

I find connection with Christian women far harder than the non-Christian despite I grew up in the Christian world, those who don’t believe are happy to change the perception of women & be women of change. Christian women want to follow in the Bible version of women & today with so much lack of respect aimed at women, we need to be changing the social norm.

Women are no longer objects & men no longer the aggressors. Women can be heroes & men the ones in distress.

Despite my pro feminism stance, men are portrayed so poorly, they have no real identity but that of soldiers. They fight for something, whether it be a woman, a government or revenge. Men have no life longevity, because once they have completed their mission they are done. They get the girl or win the war, they then end, like some kind of cyborg they just turn off.

Men grow up & a lot without a father figure, so the media is what they have as a reference. We focus so hard on making women have an identity, to protect them from falling into a trap of focusing on finding a guy to fill their needs that we forget that men need an identity to.

People think that they can only search for themselves as teenagers or in their early twenties when looking to begin a career, but we should always be looking to better ourselves & changing who we are to better fit the ever changing times we live in.

We don’t have to be carbon copies of each other but individuals trying to make this world a better place for the generations following us.


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