Snow Trip (day 1) March 2013

Posted: March 4, 2013 in Uncategorized

Arrived in Bulgaria, for a trip away with Christians. I have been dreading this for a few months now & wishing I could back out, but I’m here now & so far I have had bad & good experiences.

Managed to avoid everyone, until suiting up for equipment for snowboarding gear & came face to face with the aptly named Skeletor (Not her real name, a name given by my boyfriend to describe a sickly skinny pastors wife) but she seemed to avoid me like I was death himself.

Asking a simple question about boot sizes because she was the first person to get her shoes & I was faced with a evil stare. (How dare I impose myself on her)

I then realised that I should just avoid her. She clearly isn’t as godly as she claims when standing in front of the church.

After being fitted with our gear, we had free time & again another escape from the Christian cult.

Later we all met up for dinner & a talk, the dinner was late & the talk even later.

The day became so long, but I survived.


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