Snow Trip (day 2) March 2013

Posted: March 5, 2013 in Uncategorized

Today was the first day of snowboarding & I am a complete novice.

The day started with trying to get washed & dressed without disturbing my roommate. I have never missed my boyfriend so much, having been banned for sharing a room because we are not married was hard. The first time in 6 years sleeping alone without my boyfriend meant not a good sleep.
(And no it’s not just about sex)

So anyway, I went down to my included breakfast at 7:30am, but they didn’t start the breakfast serving until 8am. So we sat around catching up with our night with the Christians. Mine consisted of “shall we pray together” my biggest fear is praying aloud with others & here I was faced with the joint prayer session. I managed to escape unscathed!

Back to today…

So managed to get a table that was for 4 instead of 6 to minimise the risk of Christian interaction. We ended up being joined by a guy I knew from a connect group I had joined & left a few months ago (could be a year), but that was okay.

As people began to leave, we (as in my boyfriend & I) were joined by another Christian guy I knew from times gone by.

So with our table full, Skeletor walks in & see me (a lone female) on a table with 3 guys. She didn’t look happy!
So as we all left she b-lined for every guy from my table including my boyfriend to get the attention.

Seriously… I really am NOT competition!

I am just more comfortable chatting to guys than girls. I have brothers & NO sisters. So if girls tried talking to me, instead of assuming I’m trying to steal every guy that looks my way, I could maybe be a good friend.

So as childish as I could possibly be, I decided at this moment of Skeletors approach to my guy “friends” that I will just ignore her. I really don’t care what God thinks or how he will punish me for this, but I have paid for this trip & I refuse to be treated like a slut. I am NOT a slut & don’t plan to EVER be one!

So after breakfast, we gathered for our first (& maybe only) snowboarding lesson. We collected our equipment & to my dismay, Skeletor was in my group.
I did okay ignoring her.
With our instructor we headed to the slopes, which were not actually that scary , as it was the beginner slopes.
We were split into groups of 10 & our fun began. I am definitely not going to be a snowboarder by the end of this trip & have been encouraged (heavily) by my boyfriend to change to skiing. But I am such a snob, I don’t want to turn into a cliché. Posh, rich & skis… So not me!

So after the snowboarding, when we had finally decided to take a break, we went to a bar. Such a cosy place with a wood burning fireplace. There were sleeping cats outside & a rabbit in a box inside which while we were there escaped its box for a stroll around the bar.

3 glasses of wine & an absinthe later, I was seriously tipsy & having to face a dinner date with the Christians.

Arrived back at the hotel lobby (the meeting point) & most people were just hanging out. So we waited for the arrival of the leaders & as soon as they arrive we set of to a Steak House & Bar called Mamma Mia.

It was a tiny wooden building like most, but the walls & ceiling were lined with football shirts & scarfs. I have my team I have supported since I was about 4 or 5 & couldn’t see their shirt or scarfs anywhere.

Later I found it…


So this was clearly a sports bar, which was good as it was Manchester United v Real Madrid, not a fan of either, but I certainly enjoy a big match.
It was going to turn into a night of judgement as I get very loud during football matches, but that can go for Rugby matches, Darts, NFL, extreme sports, whatever sports I can enjoy… Well not all… golf & cricket have still eluded my interest.

Anyway, the night actually went without a hitch, & no night prayers, as I managed to get back & was sleeping before my roommate got back.


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