Snow Trip (day 3) March 2013

Posted: March 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

Despite having a late night, I woke up very early & slightly hungover. Creeping around the room to get dressed & out without disturbing my roommate, but she awake before I was ready to leave.

I became glad that she woke before I left, because she saw what I saw with the bitchy cliques of judgement. She told me about her experience with a girl who at dinner accused someone of lying about what they ate to avoid paying the full price. This is from the mouth of a Christian… You couldn’t really see the difference between them & those they call sinners. To be honest I think that these Christians seem to think that they are better than everyone around them, that God says they are supposed to save. How do you save people you have not care for?

So after we ended up having a bit of a bitchfest about a very loud girl who seems to need to be heard above everyone & everything.

Finally I go down to the lobby to wait for my boyfriend to have breakfast & while we wait for the restaurant to open for breakfast a group of Christian guys that clearly look like they want to be “cool” (for want of a better explanation of them). They are wearing the skinny jeans low on their butt, rolled up at the bottom, they have the emo side parting hairstyle & one even has his lips pierced with the snake bite piercings & his ears stretched.
As they pass us they call out a “good morning” greeting at my boyfriend. I am clearly invisible!

We were joined by others for breakfast, which was okay as they were really nice if slightly awkward.
We left before everyone because they were waiting for the arrival of the ski passes, but I needed to get fitted with skis & book into a lesson.

Skiing would have been great as I seemed to pick it up very well, but I had my fair share of tumbles without breaking anything. The instructor seemed to think because only 2 of us were beginners & the rest came out the day before, we all could go up a ski lift & ski back down… I got to the top crashed getting off & then attempted to go down, crashed & decided to remove my skis & walk back down. While they all left me & the other beginner, I called it a day.

This has inspired me to get proper lesson to either snowboard or ski, but never organised by a bunch of Christian cheapskates!

So after abandoning my ski lesson, I met up with my boyfriend & watched him for a few minutes as he tore up the place. Then we decided to go up on the gondola to the top of the mountain for lunch. The ride took ages, but the views were magnificent.

We went to a place called Bonkers, it was quite grubby & the toilets had a charge despite having no running water. I was so glad when we left.

I decided as I had quit skiing for the day that I would go back to the hotel for some peace & quiet, but this didn’t last long. My first interruption was welcomed as it was my roommate & her friend.
The second doubly welcomed as it was my boyfriend, but before I could spend much time with him, we were joined by his roommate, who was not welcomed.

Not long after a guy who bears a very close resemblance to Where’s Wally entered the lobby & as he caught sight of my boyfriend his face lit up & he made his way hastily over & despite there was an empty seat next to my boyfriends roommate, Wally chose to perch awkwardly next to my boyfriend.

Over the past few days my boyfriend has become so popular, all the guys seem to want to be him & the girls want to be with him. I have to admit, I don’t see the allure. I love my boyfriend, but I was not instantly attracted to him when we met & it took a while of him travelling to meet me before I actually let go of my hang up.

I am actually quite surprised that he is so popular, & I find it hilarious as he is no at Christian but all of them are so drawn to being his friend, which is freaking him out.

So for our own sanity we decided to abandon the lobby & go to our happy place The Happy Duck bar. We had gone there yesterday & today they remembered our orders so as we walked in they began our order of a larger & a wine.

An hour of tranquility, disturbed by having to head back to the the hotel lobby to wait for the departure to the restaurant for dinner.

While in the lobby, one of the Christian girls was an amazing artist & had made a promise to herself to draw at least 1 photo each day. My boyfriend being tired decided to sleep & she proceeded to draw him in his slumber. Unbeknownst to me, I had my own sketch being down despite my attempts at fidgeting to avoid it.


Headed to the restaurant it was a Chinese, such a mix of culture in such a small village area. We were sat on a table with 2 Australians, a New Zealander & a South African. It was an amazing meal of laughter, mainly aimed at the New Zealander, but it was all in good fun & it wasn’t malicious.

It was my roommates 30th birthday so as she walked into the restaurant everyone sang “Happy Birthday”, she was very embarrassed but you turn 30 only once.
We ended back at The Happy Duck for more drinking & then back to the lobby of the hotel. It was so funny because walking into The Happy Duck & lobby Skeletor & her band of bitches left as though we were imposing on a private party.

Had a better day & I hope that I am getting under the skin of Skeletor, because being a real Christian is much more than knowing the Bible, because the Devil knows the Bible…


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