Snow Trip (day 4) March 2013

Posted: March 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

Another morning hungover, but this time my body was as though over night I had aged 50 years. I decided that I was going to spare myself by throwing in the towel & have the rest of the trip standing on my own feet.

I woke up about an hour or so later than normal, but I had to call my boyfriend to meet for breakfast. It was another breakfast with a full table of people. We are building a pose of the most fun people & I am actually starting to think that I could go to the Colour Conference & have a group of people I know.

I headed to the slopes with my boyfriend as his personal photographer & then we ended up joining some of the girls we have bonded with. It was so much fun, I felt better filming than actually participating.

We went for lunch which was such a long process as the waiting staff decided to abandon us. So we were supposed to head up the mountain for a group photo, but we were about 20 minutes late missing the photo. They decided to take pity on us & pose for more to include us (it was just lucky we were a big group).


The girls & I decided to stop for a hot drink & my boyfriend joined others happy to snowboard on the mountain. I got abandoned for about 5/10 minutes as the girls headed down the mountain for a snowboard lesson & my boyfriend had not return from the mountains (yes, I thought he may have fell off). He got back in time for us to use the gondola back down the mountain, I was not going to walk down!

So I decided to head back to the hotel & I let my boyfriend probably back on the slopes, but that is a guess, (he said he was returning his gear, but he has turned into such a boarder… The slopes are calling).

We headed back towards the snow slopes for dinner, it was so funny because on the way there were people trying to entice our group to go to their place. One guy almost got me & my boyfriend, but one of the loud Christians called us over to the correct place.

The meal took forever to arrive that part of our group (namely the pastors group including Skeletor) left once they had finished their food. Leaving everyone else, the majority still waiting for food.
They had planned for us to have a talk about the charity that we were their for, but no such luck as by the time we arrived back at the hotel some people still were waiting for food.
The meeting was promptly cancelled!

It was the most awkward moment because it was the group that seem to hate me & they had to speak to me. I was so done at this point that I nearly made eye contact.

I think that I have been on a trip with the most unChristian-like people I have EVER met!


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