Snow Trip (day 5) March 2013

Posted: March 8, 2013 in Uncategorized

Woke with the worst aches & pains, this has been the most gruelling holiday ever.
Today was scheduled as fun day for the Christians, so they had a dress up day, I packed my costume in my bag & was going to wear it when they were ready for the photo session.

As we got to the slopes I was tired, so we sat at a café. One of the nice Christians from our group boarded down & saw us. She joined us for a while & on hearing that I was carrying my costume in my bag, forced me to get it on immediately!


This was the shortest day on the slopes because everyone was so tired so we decided to head up the mountains early so my boyfriend could experience some of the bigger runs & us girls could drink.

Up on the mountain the visibility wasn’t that great, & compared with the bottom of the mountain, it was snowing heavily. We got lunch & I had mulled wine, such a great beverage for the cold.

Once the photo session was ready, we were forced into the Harlem Shake… Not my finest moment!
After the embarrassment that was the Harlem Shake, Skeletor was looking like she was on the approach, but me being me, I avoided the Hell out of her & was ready to throw myself of the mountain to get away.

Shortly after I headed back to the hotel for a chill out session & to attempt to start packing my suitcase. I failed both, my suitcase has so much left to pack in without the space. So I decided to go & chill, which didn’t happen as my boyfriend got back & it became our time.

They decided to take us to dinner at the Chinese from day 3, but the service was worse than before. It was so hard to get our order in & then when we asked for our bill everyone, but us got our bill. So we resorted to having to go to the counter.

I am not a patient person, once I almost bought a really fancy new TV, but the service was taking so long that I just left… The poor guy saw his commission walking away minutes after he was practically giving the high-5 to his colleague.

We were told to head to our hotel for our evening entertainment, stating the restaurant for free entry. We were supposed to be having a karaoke night, but I must admit I am glad it didn’t happen. The evening entertainment was a night club, the music was the best, but I could dance to it, so I was happy.

I love dancing it takes all my cares away & the world around me disappears, the judging, bitching & general misery of life drifts away. Since being with my boyfriend, I tend to embarrass him by dancing at him, I hate making him uncomfortable (he is not big on dancing), but he has become part of my world (& sanctuary).

As the music became more Bulgarian, it became more dance music, so I thought it was a good time to call it a night & just sit with my boyfriend for a few minutes before we are banished to our separate rooms.


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