Posted: March 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

Can we learn from our regrets?

I have been watching a TV series called “Being Erica”; she met a Therapist that sends her back to periods in her life that she regretted & she has the opportunity to change them. All the while she is changing her past regrets, she is also learning to change who she is today.

There are many things that I regrets about my past, but can I learn from them? I don’t know!

I am a closed door & one of my regrets was changing the direction of my blog all those years ago. My first blog was on MSN or MySpace (I can never remember which); I would write short stories because I needed a platform to share them to boost my confidence of others reading them. Not that I expected anything to come of it, but because I would get so nervous about anyone reading them, that I was practically having a panic attack over it. I opened myself up to criticism from the World Wide Web.

Later when I shut down my MySpace account I decided to express myself differently through my blog & stopped writing my stories & starting airing my opinions. Again I felt kind of liberated; I was doing something that I never did in the real world & that was/is express my thoughts or opinions.

I guess I consider it a regret because over recent months I have expressed my inner self, the part of me that is usually hidden. I feel that all that I express on my blog is some how changing who I am & I don’t know if it is for the better or worse.

This is not my only regret, but it is my most feared; letting the world see me for who I am.

We all have our regrets, but can we learn from them & move forward? Or will they forever be holding us back?


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