Can Black be Privileged?

Posted: April 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

I was raised like a privileged child, taught proper table manners & place settings, using proper forms of speech (which hasn’t lasted into adulthood) & literally high class behaviour.

This post is going to reflex people’s perceptions of who can be high class.

My parents have always owned their home as far as I am aware. I have been in trouble for resting my elbows in the dinner table & been yelled at for whistling as “it is not lady-like”.

But at my place of work I am faced with a stereotype. I am ghetto-poor, only ever eat Caribbean food, listen to rap (or any music that is by black people) & can never be anything but what the media portray black people (women).

I am so isolated, because of my upbringing because black people can’t always relate to me, especially those that move in the same circles as me (that includes my brothers) & white people can’t accept me, unless they are black-obsessed.

Think/Wish they were black; Want to date black (a gay guy at work wants to fag-hag me because he is into black guys & thinks I want to hear about it–I don’t); Want black friends & only black friends

That aside, how can people fit in this world when they are having to fight stereotypes?

I don’t expect to be moving in high society circles, but it would be nice to be accepted for who I am, not what people want me to be.

Just like every other race, we come in all sorts of personalities & behaviours. We are not all loud & angry, some are shy, quiet or even extremely intimidated by the forced insecurities we are forced to have because we are portrayed/told we are ugly (inside & out).

I recently read about black royalty, I never played Princess. It never even crossed my mind, it wasn’t a story I was told growing up. Many young girls grew up with stories of “Princesses, being rescued by Princes”, but to me that wasn’t what I wanted, I faced reality of just living, maybe having a personal chef (I hate cooking), but never dreamed of being a Princess.

After reading a few articles about real life Black Princesses, I realised that it is hard for society to see Black people, especially women as anything but an inferior being.

If you take anything away from this post it should be this:
We have feelings too, we just want to live as equals & not maintain the ideals that we have to sit at the back of the bus.


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