Finding “The One” or get a Life

Posted: April 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

When I am around Christian girls I notice that if they are single that is there focus, but if they are married its judging those who are not.
(This doesn’t apply to all Christian girls, but too many)

Can you be focused on God & on finding your future husband?
I don’t think you can. God wants our full attention & how can you give it to him if you are looking around Earthbound trying to find “The One”. God is in Heaven looking down, but we are not looking up.

I am probably considered a feminist, not that I care to be labelled. I have a motherly concern for the female population. When I look back in history & how much not only my ancestors, women in general fought to be something more than a housemaid; how must they feel looking at women today?

I hate watching women fail; I hate watching men degrade women; I hate women amounting to nothing.

I don’t have many girl friends, mainly because I’m not very good at sugarcoating things. I don’t see the world as “rainbows & sunshine”. I have never wanted to be a princess, but probably a knight; wielding a sword was much more appealing than wearing a floaty dress & crown.

I was very insecure growing up & decided that I will never wear make-up or dress to please because when I did meet a guy he had to like me for me, warts & all!

I guess sometimes I need to understand why a guys opinion is so important. Why can’t women achieve things the way men do? Why do women have to be beautiful (or considered so) to be successful?

I watch documentaries & when it’s about a woman, they always state “she was a beautiful, young woman”, then to documentary continues about her life… Why should beauty be a factor if they were good at a job that isn’t about her beauty?!

Women can be successful but women have become pigeon-holed. You only have to look at advertising & you can see how they advertise to women & how different it is from men.

I think women are raised to think that their whole purpose in life is to find Prince Charming. All films & programmes aimed at young girls are about princesses, or girl finding love.

I was so impressed when I watched Brave (no spoiler, just watch it), but it showed how girls should view life.

Women are more than a towel draped over a mans arm. We must look for a life regardless of whether we are single or not.



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