Who decided what is beautiful? We all are beautiful!

Posted: May 11, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I recently read a Huffington Post article about a girl called Tammy Jung who has put on weight for porn purposes, but she stated that when she noticed her weight gain she felt more womanly.

I put on weight, I must have gained about 3 stones (42 pounds), but I don’t think I felt more womanly. I liked the increase in the bust, but the extra baggage round my stomach, arms & thighs are not welcomed. I used to love my body, but I feel that my shyness makes me angry, as all my photos are of me as this fat girl & not as the slim girl that went before.

After reading the article about Tammy I realised that when did this ideal of women looking like pre-pubescent boys become the norm for an adult woman?

We idolise Marilyn Monroe; she is labelled the perfect woman, but she was curvy! We stare at the female form in art galleries, but these women are not flat chested, skin & bone, but meaty, curvy women.

The way in which Tammy approaches her weight gain, I am not condoning, but she might have a point. We can be healthy for ourselves, not for the media.

An advertiser for Dove produced this video about how women see themselves & what others see, it proved so much that all this pressure that women have is just added to by the media telling women how they should look.

I think women should be allowed to love themselves, even with all their faults.


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