Inter-self (Internet Persona)

Posted: May 16, 2013 in Uncategorized
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We are always faced with the consequences of our online selves, as the media are telling us more & more that being social online is becoming more of a hindrance than a advancement.

A young guy got rejected from a company that he wanted to do work experience with because he made a comment about being bored at school; this comment was posted on the Internet & they assumed that he was not serious enough about his career.
This young guy was still in school & to most people has all the time as he goes through college & then university before he has to really focus on being serious.

What if we are creating our own downfall, being famous based on the characters we create online whether they be the real you or a persona you wish to be?

I watched a TED talk about “Your online life, permanent like a tattoo”

We are so quick to express our sense of humour, our artistic self portraits & our opinions; but we forget that the whole world is watching.

I have grown very open about my life, faith & what gets under my skin, but I am always aware of the fact that anyone can read my thoughts as the Internet is not the same as a padlocked diary.

We can delete a blog post, tweet or Facebook update; but it is always there somewhere. Just like in the movies when the police raid someone’s hard drive & all their deleted files reappear to haunt them.

I am not very private, especially recently my posts have opened up a lot of what I deemed private; but bringing out your demons by choice makes you stronger. How can someone dig up dirt on you when you give it freely?

There are two sides to the online world; the good & the bad, but essentially it is what YOUmake it.

Also the skills that blogging, vlogging, gifs & even online gaming can bring are what will probably dictate the future of entertainment & career options in media.


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