When is starting your life over too late?

Posted: May 27, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Since turning 30 I have begun feeling like my life is moving too fast & in some aspects not fast enough.

I am faced with the idea of when to start aiming for more at work. I have never been politic & usually just go to work & get things done; but lately (or since turning 30) I have been thinking about my future, the idea of parenthood & how I could provide for a family.

I know if my boyfriend became a father, he’d prefer to to stay home; but I am a worker mum.

My concern is for me to be financially stable to take care of a family, I’d have to move to a. Job with career progression, my current job is not that.
I will never move up the ladder, regardless of how politic I am.

So at 30, can you start over?

I know my lacked approach to my career progression has gone against me, but starting again might be my only option.

I love making myself feel better (read:worse) by googling anything that seems the relate to how I am feeling & I stumbled on this blog. The blog is about a girl who is starting her life over at 30 because of a failed relationship; which frightens me as I feel I want to start my life over including my relationship. We have been together for 6 years & it has begun to get stale, I am ready for more from my life & I feel like I’m a student; even my job feels like being at university.

I want to grow up, but it feels as though my life is being held back & I really need to move into adulthood.

The scary thing about googling a change in your life, is that the amount of information about it proves just how frightening it is.

I look so much younger than 30, get easily intimidated by others & shy away from being outgoing. How can I cope with starting over if I can’t do anything alone.

Even if I was to end my relationship, quit my job & leave the city; what would I become?

Life is hard & we focus on our milestones… Turning 16… Turning 18… Turning 21… Turning 25 & then 30; but 30 seems to bring about the worst emotions, like life is over & if in your twenties you haven’t got married, had at least one child & got on the property ladder, your life is over!

Why are we so focused on targets? What do we need to have our lives figured out before 30?

Growing up in church, hitting 30 was so hard for the single women because they felt they should have been married.

In the Old Testament Abraham & Sarah wanted a child (their first); God told the to wait. They were so old that Sarah thought her body will never bare a child, so she made her husband lay with a servant girl & she became the mother of Abrahams first child. God was not done… Sarah was to become a mother & she did, even though she was old, God had a plan & age was no barrier. (Genesis 16-17)

  1. Danibelle says:

    It’s never too late to start over! You can do it!

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