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I just watched a film called “Sound of my Voice” it’s about a cult, but its quite a puzzler. I would recommend it as it was a good watch, but it got me thinking about the perceptions of people.

I recently went to a Derren Brown live show & it was brilliant, but the amount of people taken in without question was amazing. I was raised a Christian but still had/have so many questions about the existence of God. Watching the film it showed a guy & his girlfriend transform, but are people easily forged into mindless beings so easily?

Derren Brown’s show was such a good learning curve in the way people allow themselves to be influenced. I will not give away the show, but you can just watch one of his previous shows & get a glimpse into what Derren Brown is about.

The same goes for cults & in Sound of my Voice it shows the progression of a persons change from rational to irrational.

As believers in anything are we just becoming irrational?

We are taught to question, explore & learn; but we abandon that once we enter the education system. We are given truths that we must not question.
We are less likely to find our own answers, but willing to allow someone else to give us the truth they find. I like to learn, but with age I notice my need to question the truth given to me substituted with my willingness to accept what is presented.

Are we losing our rational thought & replacing it with easy answers?


Success is what everyone strives to achieve, it is built into our psyche. The problem with some people is that they will never get to achieve success because others hold the key.

Recently at my company (obviously not “my”company), there was a restructure, and some jobs were made redundant. I am very lucky that I was not one of those is the firing line, but it created a major shift in the moral of the department.

The new jobs have been filled, but many great candidates have been demoted, while some promoted were not so by merit alone.

I understand that golf is the guys business, but it shouldn’t dictate whether someone is fit for the job… Also only three women were appointed into the roles and on my site the two women appointed there were childless and passed as far as age goes the natural child-bearing age.

Is this now the only way to succeed?

I later came across a blog post by a Sky News Presenter {cannot find blog post} and it signed off with his (yes, it was a post by a man) concern for the future of his daughters and the choices that they would have to make to succeed. Will they have children or veto children in place of career progression?

Also this TEDTalk really emphasises the problems of raising children with the wrong valued based on the films they are subjected to.

Women have so many options in regards to movies to shape the way they view the world, but men only have the action man or the nice guy (who we are always told finishes last).

With men viewing women as insignificant will the world ever change and see more women moving up a corporate ladder regardless of her home-life situation? Can men really see the potential in women? Or is it too late and the damage is done?

Being in London, which surprised me as much as it may surprise you; but I have noticed that their is more discrimination within companies here than I experienced in the small town & cities I worked to get to where I am now. I would have been a manager or higher if I didn’t pursue the career path I have chosen, which frightens me as I was barely in my twenties and now I face non-progression because of my age and gender. If my company had promoted more women with a life outside of work (i.e. children) I probably would not be writing the post.

I work for a large company so it scares me for any future choices I make to stay there and whether I decide to have children (and I would dread having daughters) not because I don’t like girls, but because I’d fear for the future choices of whether to be mother’s or focus on career progression.

If they leave the city I think it would be more likely that the options open to them will become far greater than staying within the city… Which is sad as London is a great city (expensive, but great). Discrimination is an issue that should not be regulated by laws.