Posted: June 29, 2013 in Uncategorized

I just watched a film called “Sound of my Voice” it’s about a cult, but its quite a puzzler. I would recommend it as it was a good watch, but it got me thinking about the perceptions of people.

I recently went to a Derren Brown live show & it was brilliant, but the amount of people taken in without question was amazing. I was raised a Christian but still had/have so many questions about the existence of God. Watching the film it showed a guy & his girlfriend transform, but are people easily forged into mindless beings so easily?

Derren Brown’s show was such a good learning curve in the way people allow themselves to be influenced. I will not give away the show, but you can just watch one of his previous shows & get a glimpse into what Derren Brown is about.

The same goes for cults & in Sound of my Voice it shows the progression of a persons change from rational to irrational.

As believers in anything are we just becoming irrational?

We are taught to question, explore & learn; but we abandon that once we enter the education system. We are given truths that we must not question.
We are less likely to find our own answers, but willing to allow someone else to give us the truth they find. I like to learn, but with age I notice my need to question the truth given to me substituted with my willingness to accept what is presented.

Are we losing our rational thought & replacing it with easy answers?


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