That Time of the Month

Posted: August 20, 2013 in Uncategorized
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A post very different from my usual rumblings, but it has to be done.

I have always felt very uncomfortable when I am on my “time of the month”, but I have never really thought to deal with it because I don’t last very long. My maximum duration for flow is about 5 days and my minimum has been 3 days, so the urgency to really maximise my comfort levels has never really seemed necessary.

I use apps to monitor my “time of the month” and they usually predict quite accurately my due date. This month both my p tracker & pink pad were off.


During this time I had all my usual symptoms when approaching and having my flow. So everything annoyed me; I had to wear a pad because I didn’t know when I will suddenly flow.
Pads are usually thicker than wearing just underwear and lacks breathability, but I thought this month I’d try the new Always Infinite.


With Always Infinite I felt comfortable and natural, they seemed to breath and I didn’t feel uncomfortable. They are very thin compared to Always Ultra which I normally use, so thin in fact that they feel almost invisible. Not very often I can say that a mainstream product lives up to its

6 days late according to p tracker and 4 days late according to pink pad and I began spotting (only girls could truly understand, this is not really a post for guys).
As I was trying out new things for my “time of the month” I decided to buy period panties… Yes, they exist. There are quite a few different brands on the market, but I chose the ones I had more information on and got the cheapest, Adira Period Panties.


They have extra padding in the right places and if ever you are too heavy and a spillage occurs… No more embarrassing moments.

The Adira Panties are comfortable and breathable, but as explained from a review I read before purchase get your correct size or a size up if unsure; they sit perfectly so no need to get smaller than you need. They come in 4 colours I chose red as it was quite fitting for its purpose and it sets it apart from all other colours I have.

The video posted previously shows how well the Adira Panties works to avoid spillage and you can see how high in the back the extra padding stretches, but this does not stop it being breathable. The crotch has an extra bit like a pantyliner where you can stick sanitary pads, this has straps to hold pad in place; but if you prefer sanitary pads with wings as I do ignore the straps but use the liner as ordinary knickers and fold the wings underneath.

Other Period Panties are available, prices vary depending on where you decide to purchase them. eBay does have a selection and some are cheap, but if you prefer the shorts, which I got to knickers then you may have to look further afield.

Always Infinite can be purchased from most chain supermarkets.

I may have reviews pop up now and again, but this blog lacks any real direction, so if you read for my life stories and dilemmas don’t worry they will be back when there is something worth blogging about.
My life is currently quite uneventful as I try to find my new life direction.


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