Seen and not Heard

Posted: September 20, 2013 in Uncategorized
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As a woman we are restricted by design. We are raised that we are meant to be one day a great wife & mother, but our career can be ignored because our solo achievements mean nothing.

I was sat in a restaurant, a very high-end dining experience, but sat at the neighbouring tables were business men. They spent the evening exchanging business cards & clearly networking, but on another table sat a group of women. This was a very different gathering of gossip & love stories, but is this all that interests us women?

I have been watching a few period dramas lately and the common theme is that a lady is to be married, her opinions are not valid and she should be seen and rarely heard. Today is much the same, although we delude ourselves into thinking that women have more rights. We just have to look at celebrities and we are faced with what women really are in society.

Women who are successful in business or a position of authority are overlooked and we glorify those who bare their bodies and parade around men like a trophy. Women fought for the right to be seen, but I don’t think that striping naked was the idea they had in mind.

There was a recent restructure at my workplace and very few women were promoted, but all the women who were promoted had one thing in common… They were over 40 and childless. The men who were promoted had families, but that’s never a problem because men are not seen as care-givers; they can separate themselves from their family, but they don’t seem to think that women can do the same.

Just like men, women can balance a family and a career, but not many get the opportunity to prove it. Held back in the workplace is what most women feel. Reading a statement on a website for an all girl school, it made me think why should us women work so hard?

Girls are overtaking boys in most subjects at GCSE and A level – and they’re getting more firsts at university. But this hasn’t altered disparities later in life. A recent survey of women on company boards, and any analysis of MPs, directors, leaders in the community or universities will show that women are still not represented proportionally.

I am very much for women advancing into the boardroom, but I am against the possibility of legislation for companies to promote women. Women should be promoted based on merit, not legislation.

Sexual manipulation seems to be the only strength given to women, but are women no more than a sexual toys in this masculine world. Watching women interact with men and it seems to focus on sex appeal. Women forget that men want to be seen as attractive to women and money seems to be the key to this; if women earned more than men or were more successful, there is a fear that women will become more choosy about their choice in male partners.

We focus so much on the insecurity of women, but forget about the insecurities that flow through the mind of the man. Men don’t have the pressures that women have, (it’s getting there…slowly) but as women seek to be beautiful instead of smart, the divide for what is deemed important between men and women grow more with men focusing on money and women focusing on beauty.

I watch as we still hug little girl who trip and done do the same for our little boys; we are taking strength away from girls from a young age. Women can be warriors just the same as men!

I don’t know if I would ever have children, but one thing is for sure I want to be a helper not a hinder to the future of mankind and I feel that helping women to strive in all areas do life would help.
Once before women fought for equality against men now it is against other women. I watch youtube blogs and read other blogs and not many women steer away from the fashion beauty topic, but those that do…amaze me!

Here are a few female youtubers that interest me:
Pick Your Poison
Laci fron Sex+ is also on DNews
I F**King Love Science


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