I Don’t Like Mondays

Posted: October 14, 2013 in Uncategorized
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The title does not reflect my feelings towards Mondays, as I do shift work I don’t work every Monday.

I am really writing about Monday to Friday office workers, as I travel to work I look out the window at all the people rushing into work from a weekend of R and R. My thoughts wonder towards their eagerness to get to work, when just 3 days ago they could not wait to to finish work, but as the weekend ends they can not wait to get to work.

Have we become a society of rushers?

We spend all our time rushing from one thing to another, even our online behaviours indicates this by the fact that we watch 3 minute YouTube videos and read 140 character Twitter updates. We seem to be condensing everything into bite sized chunks and trying to fit everything into a 24 hour period.

Does anyone actually take a moment to stop?

I love walking in the rain, just looking at nothing… Especially through a park. You can smell the air, whether it is fresh or not I don’t seem to care. But right after it rains everything looks/seems just a little bit brighter and my thoughts seem clear, but how many people take that time to do nothing?

My friend had a weekend off work for the first time what seemed like forever. He had not planned what he was going to do for the day, but went out for a meal and to read at a local café. He did not get much reading done as he decided to go shopping and spent less than an hour reading. He was disappointed that he has not done much reading and reminisced about times when he had the time to sit and read books.

Is this a sign of things to come as I register for an Audible account to listen rather than read my books?

So back to hustle and bustle of Monday morning…

Friday you are rushing to get to the weekend, on the weekend you are rushing to fit in all you need to get done before going back to work and on Monday morning you are rushing to begin your week of work. So during all this rushing, when are you resting? Sleep does not constitute as resting.

Do you ever think about how much you rest?

Part of the reason for this post was because every Monday that I do work the other road users seem to forget safety as they rush into work and it intrigues me that people would risk killing themselves to get to work. Life is so unpredictable, but people can be predictable and working life makes people much more. When hearing someone talk about their school days they were relaxed and never really bothered about time-keeping, but as we venture into the adult world and making our money we are refused to forgetting about our free time and devoting our lives to work than to life.

I chose a job that I could enjoy, but it caters to giving me time to live and have fun. I try not to take my work home as I don’t need to, but it is not always easy, but I make an effort to make it a very rare occurrence.
We need to avoid making our student gap-year the best our lives will ever be, and aim to make life a journey to treasure!


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