Double Standards

Posted: October 15, 2013 in Uncategorized
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As a young girls reaches puberty her father becomes much more possessive and refuses to let her date boys. As a young boys reaches puberty his father expects his interests to involve girlfriends.

The double standard…

Girls may be left holding the baby, but boys can’t hide the fact that they have a child forever. There is so much pressure for young people to have sex as soon as possible; having a childhood has given way to kidulthood.

Growing up I never thought I would travel outside of the UK, but as I got older and started earning my own money I decided to do something with my free time. I booked a 4 week vacation that required air travel, which gave me the bug for travelling. The reason why this is relevant is because I began my travelling in my late 20s; if I had started my family in my 20s I could not afford to travel.

I commend those who have made the choice to have a family in their 20s, especially those that have the financial stability to cope with a family at a young age.

The one thing that upsets me is that men have their whole lifetime to start a family, but a woman has a ticking clock. Men can focus on their career, but a woman has to choose.

I watch Borgen a Danish TV series about a female Prime Minister, but the focus is on her relationship with her husband and her absence as a mother. When a man has a demanding career, he is committed and hard-working even if he has a family at home that he neglects; but a woman is a bad mother for abandoning her responsibilities.

I read an article by Judith Woods in The Telegraph Online and it was about the Scandinavian shows I watch, but it was the descriptions of the women protagonists that really struck a nerve with me.

Why are women required to act a certain way? Whenever we watch shows with a male protagonist we don’t analyse his behaviour as masculine or feminine, we take him at face value. What is the correct way to be a “woman”?


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