Think about Faith, Love & the Word of God

Posted: December 24, 2013 in Uncategorized

I have mentioned in previous posts my solitude as a Christian during my youth and today as I try to rebuild my relationship with God. Despite struggling with my integration into the Church community, I find myself finding the connecting to God I had in my youth. I want to share God with all that would listen, but I still doubt myself and my commitment. The same as when I was younger being a solitary Christian scream failure because there is no one to hold you accountable.

As Christmas is upon us and the majority of people are focused on the consumerism side of Christmas. I have been focused on Jesus and the birth that began it all, but it has made me aware that people are not looking to Jesus, but to the High Street Stores.

This should be the time of year when we see more people opening their hearts to God, making a change to began a new life in Christ; But that is not the case. During this time of year people couldn’t be further from God if they tried.

Despite attending Carol Services and watching Nativity Plays, people still take for granted why this day is so important. It is about community and family because whether the date is correct or not, Jesus was born on Christmas Day, which began the life that was to change everything through love.

I was very impressed with Channel 5 as during this month they aired The Bible. This is not an accurate portrayal but it certainly covers an in depth portion of the Bible.

I truly love watching Bible adaptations because it brings it to life. To read the words you can visualise the time, but when given an image of the way the houses looked, the clothes they wore, it brings a new reality of the stories told. This is what The Bible series does, it takes some of the most popular stories and brings them to life.

With this I would have thought there would be a shift in the mind sets of people; that they may be more intrigued to what being a Christian was all about. If you are reading this and are curious about Christianity & have questions you wants to discuss, Try Alpha.
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As we now enter the New Year, let us reflect on our behaviour over Christmas a one day event that seems to encourage people to overspend on items that are unnecessary, while others find themselves alone.

This has been a very rambling post, but I am spending my Christmas at work and I think people forget that for some this one day is no different to any other, but we still have to reflect on why we have this day. Not for the presents but for the gift that was given to us all those years ago when Jesus was born.


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