How Do You Tell Someone?

Posted: May 3, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Sometimes, you have some really Good/Big news to tell someone, anyone and everyone who will listen, but how do you go about it telling them? Especially when this news can SAVE their life!

I am talking about the Good News of Jesus Christ.

I have really taken Him for granted, because I have known Him my whole life and had my journey (whether good or bad) with Him all these years that I have neglected the importance of spreading the Word!

I never felt I was good enough to tell His story. With Easter and Christmas such big events in our Western culture what I can ever say will only mimic what people think they already know.

I heard a poem recently that was trending probably years ago, but I can be a bit slow on the up take. It spoke to my heart as a Christian who lost their faith because the Church religionness.

Jefferson Bethke the guy that wrote and performed the poem has written a book ‘Jesus>Religion‘ and it has really opened my eyes to why I really struggled with my faith. I have been following religion instead of Jesus and I feel that can happen to many people.

So with that in mind… How do you tell people about Jesus if you haven’t built a true relationship with Him yourself?
It’s so easy to get caught up in the rules and forget it’s a relationship with Jesus first.

Whenever I tell people that I am a christian I feel like a fraud. Deep down I don’t feel like a Christian. I love Jesus, I believe the Bible and I like going to Church.
I am not in a Christian community and I have one Christian friend. So I feel such a hypocrite because I have a better life away from the Church than within it. I have never been accepted in Church environments and my one Christian friend was made during my time volunteering at a Christian Television channel.

Because of this I feel inadequate to pass on the news about Jesus. Once I hit a stumbling block I put to rest my evangelising. Why would I want to further ruin the life of someone by encouraging them to follow Jesus and then have to take them to a Church that I am not even comfortable in.

I knew a girl (actually woman, but she seemed younger than me) and she was seriously broken. She had lost her boyfriend of many years, she couldn’t function at work and she later had to seek counselling. I desperately wanted to invite her to Church, but I felt it would only push her further into depression as that is exactly what happens to me.

People regardless should feel that the Church is a safe place not a clique of mean girls/boys. In films when people are running away from something, someone or situations they always head to the church, but in reality I doubt many people would consider running to a church unless it was the only place available. Most people now head to the nearest place with alcohol to drown their sorrows.

I would love to spread God’s Word, but… Why should I?

If as a Christian I can’t be vulnerable in the Church, then how can I bring those I meet who are broken to Jesus in a Church setting. I don’t see myself as a lone evangelist for Jesus, but I’d like to be a part of a community that is trying to build people up with the grace of God.

There is a reason why I use the term cliques when referring to the Church in my blog posts and that is because clique means ‘a small close-knit group of people who do not readily allow others to join them‘. This is exactly how I feel about the Church, but it is a much bigger group and they have a set of rules you need to adhere to before they can even consider your application to join.

So how can I send those who are lost to a place lacking the openness or acceptance needed to fix the broken?


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