Update on letting go

Posted: September 26, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Update on my refund from Hillsong Church in London…

Well I contacted a lawyer, who advised me to set a deadline with the church and if nothing happened to then proceed with legal action. Not to my surprise, but I have received my refund!

Why did it need legal action for them to give back the money owed?

Anyway, now that that drama is over with, I am still going to be avoiding Christianity for now and possibly forever.

I have been going back over some past interests with the Law of Attraction. I can not at this time go into detail as I’m still learning, but my boyfriend has been serious about this topic for a while.

I am also looking into Buddhism and finding enlightenment, which has taken me to Law of Attraction and also neuro-mapping. Neuro-mapping is something to do with re-programming your mind to dispel negative conditioning.

I could be explaining this all wrong, but this is a new venture in my life and as I begin to garner understanding, in future posts I hope I can readdress this topic and explain it with more clairty.


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