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A whole month has passed without writing a post. This is because I have been distant from life, this is not in a depressing way but more thoughtful.

As blogged previously, I have become Vegan and moved away from the Christian religion. Through my soul searching I realised that I have been forced to live in fear. We all live in fear!

As a Christian I was in fear of God and his punishment, as a civilian in Society I was afraid of not making enough money to live and as a woman I was afraid of not getting married and having children. Life is all about fear.

We are kept fearful so we won’t rise up and take back what belongs to us as Earthlings, but we won’t because the corporations that have decided that they own everything have the power. This Earth we live on belongs only to the rich humans… The other Earthlings are expendable. We eat animals because their lives don’t matter, leave countries devastated by war because they have what a corporation want and steal from the poor that make the corporations richer.


This picture shows how the world currently looks like and how it should look like. Man sits above a pyramid because they think they rule all life, but the Nature example is what life should be like!

Nature should be for everyone, not just a few. We are destroying our planet and we don’t seem to care. We talk about evolution and our existence stemming from animals, but because we feel that we have evolved into a higher, intelligent being that gives us the right to treat those we deem beneath us as nothing!

We can see through history have destructive we are as humans. We take from this Earth without giving back and say that this is all ours. But what will we have when its all gone? We will have nothing, but blame everyone for it, instead of taking ownership of our own involvement in destroying our Earth… Our Home!